Givens Gerber Park Prepared for COVID-19

Published on March 12, 2020

Givens is paying close attention to the emerging COVID-19 situation. Because we care about our community of residents and employees, their safety and well-being are our top priority. We would like to share what we are doing to monitor the situation and safeguard our community while encouraging our community members to prepare for a potential outbreak.

How are we monitoring the situation?

  • We are staying up-to-date with information from the Center for Disease Control, North Carolina Division of Public Health and Buncombe County Health Department.


  • We are screening all team members across the campus daily. If a team member indicates symptoms or potential exposure to COVID-19, they will be sent home immediately. These measures are out first step in prevention of this contagious disease.

How are we safeguarding our community?

  • Residents and team members are encouraged to continue to practice good basic infection control which means frequent and thorough hand washing, staying at home when feeling sick, and letting us know when experiencing flu-like symptoms so we can track the prevalence on campus, etc.


  • Independent living residents and team members are encouraged to make a personal plan that they can depend on should there be a widespread Coronavirus outbreak in the Asheville area. Many residents and team members have developed their personal plans and are prepared. If you have not made plans you can find information about developing such a plan from the Red Cross and


  • We encourage residents and team members to secure an ample supply of medications, groceries, etc. if required to remain at home for an extended period. As we have seen in other parts of the world, services and product supply chains can be interrupted.


  • In addition to being aware of on-campus updates from our leadership team, we recommend our residents and team members stay informed with the latest information from reputable sources like the CDC and the World Health Organization.

Givens is aware of the associated risk with widespread infectious disease outbreak. We have measures in place to respond to and manage the impacts from such events. We appreciate the efforts of residents and our many dedicated team members to be prepared for time like these. When each of us does our part, it makes us better able to respond to anticipated unexpected impacts.